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What We Offer

Mount Software offers solutions to medical institutions looking for advanced and up-to-date platforms. 

Our software platform covers these services:

  • Integrating data from the different sources and provide the treatment required to meet the medical specifications.
  • Implementing the applications for doctors
  • Implement the applications for users
  • Manage the hosting and the data streaming
  • Cloud services

Our mission is to create professional systems for medical institutions.

An integrated software platform we developed will make sure that all these solutions can be integrated.

  • Implement the applications for doctors (web applications) 100%
  • Integrate data from the different sources and provide the treatment required to meet the medical specifications 97%
  • Implement the applications for users (summary of the data, graphs, statistics) 95%
  • Create Cloud to store data and sync to every device 80%
Mobile medical applications and health problems

Mobile medical applications and health problems

In our days, the correct diagnosis is only a few clicks away. You just check several symptoms, and the medical app will tell you what health problem affects you. Do you have a headache and sore throat? Maybe you caught a cold. Are your nails yellow, brittle, and crumbly? You need to take ZetaClear because you have onychomycosis. Learn how mobile medical applications work to reveal your health problems.

The best medical applications for mobile

It sounds incredible, but your phone can turn up into a mobile medical clinic. Once you install the powerful new software – it may be Babylon, Medscape, HealthTap, DoctorOnDemand, LiveHealth Online, HelloMD, or other – your questions will be answered. The symptoms will be explained, you will find what disease bothers you, and you could also have a virtual appointment with a doctor.

The benefits of the medical applications are obvious. For a price, you benefit from 24/7 access to top doctors around the world. Because the app will connect you with a certified doctor or surgeon, you could skip the line and solve your problem in no time. But if it’s a minor health concern, such as indigestion, a cold, or nail fungal infection, you could easily find a cure online and treat your problem without spending a small fortune.

The most common diseases and disorders that don’t demand to take prescribed medicines can go away quickly. But if the symptoms don’t go away or get worse, you are advised to seek a professional. The fungal nail infection will not aggravate within a couple of days, so you could easily take ZetaClear. On the other hand, a cold or flu could lead to complications, the reason why it’s best to skip the medical app and just request the assistance of your general practitioner.  

Health problems and self-medication

Self-medication is described as the use of medicines to cure self-diagnosed or self-recognized symptoms or conditions. Despite the fact we have easy access to medication, we don’t always use it correctly. Some drugs have interactions, while others cause unpleasant side effects. However, the antifungal treatment available in ZetaClear Center was proved to eliminate onychomycosis in a 100% safe manner.

Plus, the diagnosis expressed by the medical app is based on scientific evidence and the opinions of countless doctors. Even specialists use medical software to learn about diagnosis, clinical findings, and even treatments! Based on, we cannot say that it’s really self-medication, as long as the same results can be obtained in a doctor’s office.

The ZetaClear homeopathic spray and local solution do not require a medical prescription or a visit to the physician. You will use the treatment in the comfort of your home and get rid of onychomycosis fast. The ingredients are natural and plant-derived, and they will not give any adverse effects. The best thing about it? The dietary product from ZetaClear Center will restore the beauty of your nails together with your confidence.

Mobile medical applications will change the way we look at health problems. The software tools have revolutionized the medical field, and people from all over the world can get well sooner than they imagine. Do you need urgent medical attention? Install the app and learn how to treat nail fungal infection fast!

How we work


Software needs

Analyzing your needs and offering you the best solutions to make your process more efficient.

Implementing and testing

Installing the software and configuring to best suit your needs. 

Offering you support

Here for you 24/7 to make sure your systems run smoothly.

Examples of software as a service in cloud computing

Examples of software as a service in cloud computing

Cloud computing has become an indispensable tool for many institutions and the perfect solution for many people who increasingly need more space to store files and data. The particularity of this technology is that the user does not depend on a physical device like a hard disk or a USB in order to preserve its information. Discover how this revolutionary scheme can assist you and save you many troubles.

Efficient information storage

Cloud computing is a scheme of mass storage of data and information in specialized servers. Users hire the capacity they require for specific purposes and the operating companies virtualize the necessary resources like the remote physical space. Only the clients are responsible for the management of the information, data files and computer applications that are kept in such remote hosting devices.

Storage resources can be physically located anywhere on the planet. However, the user can access to his information from any device with an optimal internet connection. The data can be concentrated on a single server or it can be distributed across multiple technological units.

After all, the cloud is a physical and tangible storage space constituted by one or more disks of one or more servers owned by the same company.

This kind of technology has been available for several decades even though most of us did not realize it. One of the classic examples is the use of email accounts such as Hotmail. This service is one of the oldest and is quite used nowadays.

Cutting-edge technology that ensures you constant access to your data

Currently, the use of the cloud has spread exponentially with the advent of social networks. You just have to imagine the impressive amount of storage space employed to preserve the information of more than 1 million of users of Facebook. Such data includes profiles, status, comments, photographs, and videos which are kept in large processing centers.

Without a doubt, the enormous increase in the speed of transmission of data through the internet has accelerated the development of this technology. The increment of bandwidth provides the user the possibility of concentrating large amounts of data files on one device that can be instantly accessed from any geographical location.

Additionally, the user does not have to be concerned about the safeguarding of the storage equipment. The professionals that work for the company that provides the hosting service take care of implementing the required activities of preventive and corrective maintenance of both hardware and software. These technicians also perform a regular actualization of computer programs and utilities in order to protect the integrity of stored information.

Due to the concentration of data and applications in the cloud, the technical requirements of users are reduced both at a level of microprocessor and in terms of storage capacity. This situation significantly reduces the investment required in terms of computer equipment.

The amount of storage space hired by the user can be easily modified so it can be adjusted to his needs. Such customization does not imply additional investments for the forecast of possible future solutions.

Must have software if you need a better organized medical office

Must have software if you need a better organized medical office

Medical administration in clinics and hospitals has greatly changed with the assistance of new technologies. Cloud computing has increased the efficiency of medical software employed to manage and store the backgrounds of patients and the information of the company. If you are considering acquiring this kind of program, then you should know the features it must have in order to fulfill the specific requirements of a health care center.

Cloud computing providing support to health care centers

Doctors who own small offices may consider the purchase of medical software as a huge investment in terms of time and money. However, in order to keep up with technology and avoid legal problems, the acquisition of such kind of tool is a necessary step.

There is a wide range of options available. However, only a few of them are widely employed by multi-specialized clinics and health care centers of average size.  Such applications include Ofimedic, Salus and DriCloud to mention some. They have been designed in a way that they comply with the regulations established by the governments regarding the privacy of information related to medical backgrounds of patients.

Most of these programs have the capacity to provide permanent access to the data stored by them. The physician is able to review the information of their patients at any time without difficulty and from any device. Some of these tools also allow the patients to set up an appointment with their doctor as long as they have internet connection.

Powerful tools designed to assist in the management of private clinics

DriCloud has gained a privileged position because it is the only company that offers a number of services that are necessary for the management of a private clinic. Its features include the implementation of a scheme of data protection which has been developed with legal advisory so it can comply with official regulations.

The user does not need to have advanced computer skills in order to be able to take advantage of this tool which can be acquired at a very competitive price. It is important to mention that this software can be accessed from different types of devices and from anywhere at any time due to the advantages provided by cloud technology.

Some other remarkable features of DriCloud software include its graphic design, the speed and the intuitive navigability. If the physician is going to spend many hours or even days working with an application, it should have a nice and friendly design with calm and uniform colors. It should also be able to work efficiently by retrieving the required information as fast as possible.

Although DriCloud software is one of the most affordable tools available on the market, there are other options which can be adapted to specific needs. There are companies that offer to possibility of customizing modules oriented to the management of medical records, treatments and the administration of stored data.

Programs like the one developed by Infomed Company can be interconnected to other hardware devices in order to collect additional data. It is widely used by dentists because it is capable of managing large amounts of information.

Ever since we started using the Mount Software systems, we have increased our productivity and efficiency and also our finances have risen.

We owe all of that to Mount Software.

Sherita K. Moreno

CEO, Wisemed Solutions

I really don’t know how we worked before we met Mount Software. They completely changed our work flow in better. We now have the tools that make us more organized, fast and powerful, and that can be seen in our annual stats.

Travis S. McKinley

GM, Medica American Appliance

Before Mount Software, the software we used was slow, unreliable, it crashed a lot and did not offer us all the tools we needed. Now we have everything we need regarding software: web application, cloud, data analyzing system, and may other. It is wonderful!

Veronica C. Kendall

CEO, Buena Vista Medical Center

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